「David Goldberg先生によるイノベーション教育のためのコーチング・ワークショップ」のお知らせ

***David Goldberg先生によるイノベーション教育のためのコーチング・ワークショップ開催(3月15日(水), 16日(木)) ***

“Special two-day workshop by Prof. David E. Goldberg “Coaching Entrepreneurs: Key Shifts & Shift Skills for Supercharging the Education of Japanese Entrepreneurs”


 PBLを中核にした起業家教育で注目されるオーリン工科大学をはじめ、起業家教育、または創業支援を提供する海外機関では、コーチングによる支援が一般化されつつあります。その背景には、イノベーションにおいて当人の「自発性」「内発的動機」は不可欠であり、傾聴・発問・承認を行うコーチングが有効であるとの認識があります。 そこで、起業家教育おいて具体的なコーチング手法を習得し、コーチングのスキルを活用した起業家教育を目指すことを目的とする組織変革・コーチング・コミュニケーションなどをテーマにした研修を実施します。


 今回講師としてお招きするDavid Goldberg先生は、イリノイ大学の名誉教授であり、元オーリン工科大学の特別学術パートナーでおられます。オーリン工科大学とイリノイ大学iFoundry インキュベーターにおける革新的な教育実践について述べた“A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education”の共著者であり、またご自身もコーチとして高等教育におけるリーダーシップ醸成のため世界的に活躍しておられます(詳しくはプロフィールをご参照)。是非この貴重なワークショップにご参加ください。



■主催:早稲田大学 WASEDA-EDGE 人材育成プログラム Sponsored by WASEDA EDGE Program

■協力:京都大学EDGEプログラム、広島大学EDGEプログラム Cosponsored by Kyoto University Edge Program & Hiroshima University Edge Program

■日時: Date:

2017年3月15日(水)10:00~17:30 Wednesday 15 March 2017, 10:00-17:30

2017年3月16日(木)9:00~16:30 Thursday 16 March 2017, 9:00-16:30

※両日の参加をお願いします。 Must attend both dates.

■使用言語:英語 Language: English

■会場:早稲田大学 WASEDA 共創館 Venue: Waseda Kyoso-kan, Waseda University

■講師:David E. Goldberg (Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois/ Former Distinguished Academic Partner of Olin)

■対象:起業家教育/イノベーション教育を行う・関心のある大学教員(EE教員)、大学研究機関の教員・研究者 Eligible person: Faculty members/URAs 


■定員:20名程度 Capacity: 20 people

■参加費:無料(交通費・宿泊費は各自ご負担ください)Free admission

■締切: 2017年3月10日(金)まで Deadline for the application: 10th March 





Program :


The education of entrepreneurs is a difficult thing, and oftentimes the “outer game” of entrepreneurship gets much of the attention. The writing of business plans, the filing of pro forma financials, winning the funding game, and so on. But being an entrepreneur is fundamentally an act of “gentle disobedience,” in which the entrepreneur goes against the grain of current business practice and culture to find new products, services, which challenge conventional business wisdom and the status quo. As such, cultivating the “inner game” of entrepreneurship in the education of a new generation of Japanese entrepreneurs is as much as an act of coaching against the grain of traditional education in which mastering a static body of knowledge and obedience to authority are valued.


This two-day workshop develops participant skills and strategies for creating change that “sticks.” In particular, we dive into a set of personal and organizational skills that will help participants develop as effective change agents:


  • Develop key shift.(don’t-call-them-soft)

skills, including noticing, listening, and questioning, speech acts, and an understanding of beliefs and stories.


  • Managing Courage & Obedience.

The polarity of courage/initiative & passivity/obedience is particularly important in entrepreneurship education and is explored along with the notion of polarity management in general.


  • Managing Little Bets and Big Plans.

Traditional business culture values big plans and certainty and causation-driven planning. Great entrepreneurs make little bets with existing means and network to learn in the face of great uncertainty This polarity is viewed with an eye toward managing


  • Balancing coach and expert in the education of entrepreneurs.

Professors are trained to be content experts and often share their knowledge with students in the hopes that students will listen and apply that knowledge. Coaches believe in the resourcefulness and creativity of their clients in the hopes that the client will discover an authentic path. Both kinds of behaviors are required of entrepreneurship educators. This workshop gives participants a chance to exercise the coaching pole in hands-on exercises and experiences to reflect on better ways to balance their expertise with helpful coaching.

Through provocative readings, transformative experiential activities, and lively discussions we develop theoretical knowledge and proven practices, enabling participants to return home to coach the next generation of Japanese entrepreneurs.


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